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Consolidated Reports
Our internal software allows us to create a financial report incorporating all of your assets regardless of the number of depositary banks. You will benefit from a global overview consolidated asset per asset, bank by bank, thus allowing optimal control of the risks and the establishment of adequate coverage (FX, etc.). In addition, the set of your banking business will be coordinated by your manager, who will be a privileged interlocutor

Multi family office
Backed by a multidisciplinary team, we support you in the overall management of your fiscal (financial and non-financial) and property assets. We are able to manage your art collection, to organize the financing of yachts, jets and real estate. We are also active on behalf of clients in financing their shipping activity. For your business, we offer solutions in the organization of the transmission / transfer to your heirs or to third parties. Our expertise in corporate finance has focused on fundraising, finance or debt capital projects as well as the support for a future IPO.

Risk Analysis
Thanks to our risk management software, our analysts continuously monitor the exposures of your positions, allowing the establishment or immediate adjustment of hedging policies.

External Expertise
We are committed to deliver the best advice to our clients. That is why we are organized on an open architecture in our selection of funds and products. We also have regular discussions with economists and strategists from major banks. In a constantly changing legislative framework, we surround ourselves with experts from external specialised firms to answer questions from our customers and provide quick and accurate solutions.